Product information

White Rocks toothpaste is a special formula designed to clean and whiten your teeth.  Our daytime toothpaste has a strong absorption capacity to remove any stains from your teeth, giving you a shining smile for the day ahead.  Our night-time toothpaste works great to remove any of the plaque or other build up that may find its way onto your teeth throughout the day, so that your teeth are protected while you sleep.
White Rocks toothbrushes are made from bamboo giving them a better feel than plastic.  The bristles are gentle while still allowing for a complete clean, and are soft enough to gently massage the gums, rather than attacking them and causing irritation.  

Most Americans skip flossing even though it is essential in reducing the risk of gum disease, and in stopping the buildup of plaque.  Our floss does that and even more.  White Rocks floss comes in a bamboo case, which is sturdy enough to survive travel while still looking good enough to be a decoration on the bathroom counter.